Dr.Zodiak's Moonrock Presents:

Bobby Blue's Buckshots

Dr. Zodiak's Bobby Blue Buckshots integrates the award winning quality of our original Moonrock into smaller package while providing the same burst of unparalleled potency. Providing a blast of blueberry flavor, Bobby Blue's Buckshots is the ammunition needed to shoot you to your next beach vacation.

Bobby Blue's Buckshots created by Dr. Zodiak's Moonrock, is a potent and flavorful cannabis product that combines the best of Moonrock's reputation for quality and innovation. These Buckshots consist of premium cannabis flower, infused with high-potency cannabis oil, and coated with a generous layer of kief, creating a concentrated and powerful smoking experience. What distinguishes Bobby Blue's Buckshots is their remarkable THC content, often exceeding industry standards, offering a profoundly euphoric and intense high. The infusion of natural terpenes enhances the flavor profile, providing a rich and enjoyable taste with every puff. Bobby Blue's Buckshots are an excellent choice for those looking to elevate their cannabis experience and savor the bold flavors and powerful effects that Moonrock is known for. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or seeking a remarkable cannabis adventure, these Buckshots promise a unique and memorable journey.

The strongest bud in the galaxy!

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